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Our Goal:

 Here at Greg Martin Construction, our mission is listening to our customers and designing homes to fit their lifestyles. Our goal is to build homes for families who share common values with us. Like you, we do our work honestly, and with care and consideration for those who will live in the homes that we remodel or build.

Your complete satisfaction is our goal. In exchange for your trust, we will manage the building or remodeling of your home with careful control of costs, schedules and quality of materials. The staff at Greg Martin Construction have over 50 years of experience. We, who build or renovate your home will pay attention to detail and the end result will be a home that you and your family will be proud to live in for many years to come. 

Homes are the single biggest investment people make and Greg Martin Construction is the company you can trust to receive the highest level of service & quality for the dollars you will invest.

Using our advanced 3D Modeling software you can see what your house will look like before it’s built.