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We here at Creative Products Inc have had the pleasure of servicing Mr. Martin, his staff, and his clients for over 12 years.  As a provider of high quality marble products, solid surface vanity tops, and tub/shower enclosures, we are confident of the superior quality products that Greg Martin Construction utilizes in every remodeling and home improvement job they complete.  Greg and his staff are professional, knowledgeable, and seek out the highest quality products to complete any project for their customers.  They often bring customers to our Toledo, Ohio location and give them a real “hands-on” role in turning their house into a beautiful home.  My experience with Greg Martin Construction has proved to me that they care about each customer and providing the best products and services possible.

Steve Schloz, Vice-President Creative Products Plus

The experience of building a new home is both exciting and challenging. Looking forward to living in the home of your dreams is the exciting part.  Making the myriad of decisions along the journey is challenging at best.  However, one of the most important routes to a successful building experience is choosing the best building contractor for specific needs.

In late 1988, we faced that choice.  After living in the Omaha, NE area for 27 years, we started planning for the move to Bryan, Ohio, Gerald's hometown.  We asked friends & relatives for information on local builders.  We met and interviewed some of these people.  Once we met Greg Martin, we knew we had found someone that we could work with. 

We began with some rough plans of the home we wanted to build.  Greg helped us develop & refine those plans to fit the site, offering suggestions that improved upon the ideas we had.  He communicated with us openly & often - effectively bridging the 650 miles between Northwest Ohio & Omaha.  Once ground was broken, we were regularly updated on the progress of the home.  We remained in Omaha during the first 3 months of the building, while our friends warned us that building a house long distance borders on insanity.

We had confidence that Greg was treating us with respect & honesty.  That confidence was reinforced when we were finally able to check on the progress of the building.  We were pleased to see the quality of workmanship at each & every step.  We, as well as our new neighbors were surprised & pleased to see the worksite cleaned up at the end of each & every workday.  Workers were professional, neat and pleasant to talk to.  We always felt that the team was here to build the house that we wanted, rather than the house that they wanted. They offered suggestions and input, but the final decision was always ours.

Once we moved to Bryan, we were able to check on the house daily.  Workers were always willing to update us & answer our questions.  The atmosphere was one of real teamwork, among all of us. 

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